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1 Day That Will Make or Break The United States Economy

I apprehensively present this title with a sense distressed patriotism as we quickly near a date that I fear will be written in the history books. I speak of this Friday – August 26th, as all paths seem to converge upon this one day. As with most notable dates in history, events seem to concentrate … Continue reading

Currency Collapse or Gold Bubble? You Decide.

Consumer prices have historically lagged well behind any inflationary activity – but after two rounds of ‘quantitative easing’ – the gold chart is beginning to retell a profoundly frightening story. I speak of the Weimar Republic. I am no gold bug – however I am watching closely the correlations of these charts. Weimar Republic Current … Continue reading

For The First Time In History The U.S. Has No President

We the people have been left to fend for ourselves in the wild like leaderless nomads. I will not deluge you with the negative press we are already bombarded with on a daily basis. Slowly but ever increasingly surely we are beginning to see a break down of our moralities – the basic thread that … Continue reading

No Credit? No Problem!

Our Predicament I don’t know about you, but I am always curious about whether Wall Street follows consumer sentiment or whether consumer sentiment follows Wall Street – think about it. That feeling you get when you try to think about what the universe was before the universe existed is the same feeling – for me … Continue reading

Debut Post: Put your head in the Cloud

A glance at Web 3.0 The forecast for the future of the internet is mostly cloudy. When you look at the sheer magnitude of content being created every day on the internet you must wonder – where is all this data being stored and who is responsible for maintaining and creating this vast virtual infrastructure? … Continue reading