1 Day That Will Make or Break The United States Economy

I apprehensively present this title with a sense distressed patriotism as we quickly near a date that I fear will be written in the history books. I speak of this Friday – August 26th, as all paths seem to converge upon this one day. As with most notable dates in history, events seem to concentrate … Continue reading

Currency Collapse or Gold Bubble? You Decide.

Consumer prices have historically lagged well behind any inflationary activity – but after two rounds of ‘quantitative easing’ – the gold chart is beginning to retell a profoundly frightening story. I speak of the Weimar Republic. I am no gold bug – however I am watching closely the correlations of these charts. Weimar Republic Current … Continue reading

For The First Time In History The U.S. Has No President

We the people have been left to fend for ourselves in the wild like leaderless nomads. I will not deluge you with the negative press we are already bombarded with on a daily basis. Slowly but ever increasingly surely we are beginning to see a break down of our moralities – the basic thread that … Continue reading

No Credit? No Problem!

Our Predicament I don’t know about you, but I am always curious about whether Wall Street follows consumer sentiment or whether consumer sentiment follows Wall Street – think about it. That feeling you get when you try to think about what the universe was before the universe existed is the same feeling – for me … Continue reading